Benefits of Green Tea for Teeth and Gums

Practically, it is impossible to ignore the role of diet in maintaining oral health. The foods and drinks that we take have direct effect on the health of gums and teeth. Unfortunately, the trends seen now days mainly involves the intake of processed foods because of two reasons, i.e. we don’t have much time and processed foods give good treat to the taste buds. But, if you want to have good oral health, you will need to think about the taste only. For this purpose, turning to the nature is the best option because there are a lot of things existing in nature that can benefit oral health in the best way possible.

One of such items to talk about is the green tea. Green tea is being used from centuries. The reason it remains to be in use is that no study has suggested the avoidance of green tea. This wonderful beverage has amazing ability to provide support to the patients who suffer from fatal diseases such as cancer. As a matter of fact, green tea has therapeutic effect on several diseases. It means that you can use green tea along with the treatment in order to accelerate healing process.

With that said, green tea is amazing for the oral health, especially teeth and gums. And there are a few reasons to prove this point.


Green tea is loaded with the antioxidants. Although any kind of antioxidant is the good one, catechin is the one the green tea is known for. This antioxidant provides amazing support when it comes to avoiding and getting rid of the inflammation anywhere in the body. Hence, if you want to prevent or cure the periodontal disease, you should include green tea in your daily diet. By using green tea, you can prevent gum bleeding, swelling in gums, and bone loss.

Ability to fight acidity

This one is another amazing benefit of green tea. We all know how bad a bacterial infection can be. Use of green tea doesn’t only fights with the effects of bacterial actions but it can also actively reduce the amount of dangerous bacteria in the body, leading to the development of ideal bacterial balance.

Now the overall protection against bacterial infections seems to be something passive, and green proves to be good at it. Imagine the green tea’s direct action on the bacteria. Yes, we are talking about the bad bacteria present in the mouth. Bad oral bacterial can result in periodontal diseases, bad breath, tooth enamel erosion, tooth decay and cavities. You can prevent all of these conditions with the help of green tea.